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Oliver Beeson


My name is Oliver and I'm the Shop Manager here at Motion. Like the rest of the guys here, I absolutely love cycling. I have since I was a wee lad. Remember that feeling of freedom you had when you were a kid, tearing up the streets of your hometown on your bmx bike? Yep, I still have that.

I've been working in the bike industry since 2000. I started out doing bike builds and misc odd jobs at a local shop. I worked my way up to the sales floor and then spent several years as a Sales Manager, where I tried dutifully to put my accounting degree to good use.

When I'm not working, you'll find me out riding or shooting hoops with my son. I have a pretty active family so I don't race as much as I used to, however I plan on jumping into a few local crits this summer and maybe a handful of cross races in the fall.

Ride, work, ride, repeat!