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Shop Rides

Shop rides are held April through September and are subject to weather conditions.   It's always a good idea to confirm dates, times and any specific ride requirements beforehand.   Feel free to stop by the shop or call us at 317.813.7433 to verify ride times.   All are welcome and we'd love to ride with you!   Until then, we hope to see you out on the road, the trail or somewhere in between!

Day Start Time Description Skill Level Location
Tuesdays (Hammerfest) 6:30 PM Fast-paced race simulation leaving from Cyntheanne Park. Full warmup and cooldown, approximately 5 laps on a 4.5 mile course. Speeds 22-26 mph average. About 2 hours total ride length. You will hurt. A lot. Cyntheanne Park
Wednesdays 6:30 PM "Gears n' Beers" no-drop ride. Speeds 16-20 mph. About 30-40 miles in length. Riders stay for drinks at South of Chicago afterward. Come join us for a great ride and some cold ones! You'll hurt less. And beer! Location Varies Contact Us
Saturdays 8:00 AM A faster-paced "re-group" ride (some riders will up the pace for stretches, with the group occasionally sitting up for stragglers). Rides usually last 2-2:30 hours in length. Riders should be able pace comfortably in a group at 22-24 mph. Course will vary. What zone is this? --Passes out. Geist Coffee Company
Sundays 8:00 AM This is a no-drop group ride, generally lasting 2-3 hours. Speeds typically average 16-20 mph. Course will vary. Ah, sweet recovery... Geist Coffee Company

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