Specialized's Body Geometry Fit method was developed in a joint venture between Specialized and Dr. Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. The Body Geometry fit process is scientifically proven to increase power, improve knee tracking, reduce injury; and is the same method that is used with top professional riders in all cycling disciplines, that is available at Motion Cycling & Fitness.

Body Geometry Fit enables riders to maximize power, endurance, and comfort. During your personal Body Geometry Fit session, a trained specialist will assess your individual needs and systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body.



Designed with leading medical and ergonomic experts, Dr. Roger Minkow & Dr. Kyle Bickel, Body Geometry gloves and grips reduce hand numbness and fatigue to effectively boost your comfort and control.


Developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt, Body Geometry shoes and footbeds are a vital link between the rider and the bike. Peer reviewed scientific research supports that they increase both power and endurance on the bike.


Body Geometry saddles are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to provide outstanding comfort and support, all while helping to increase blood flow for men and relieve soft tissue pressure for women.


Gloves:  Strategically placed gel padding relieves pressure on the ulnar nerve, reducing numbness and fatigue, while maximizing comfort.

Grail:   The Grail glove's Equalizer pad distributes pressure across the palm, supporting circulation to reduce hand numbness and fatigue. Minimal pad shape delivers optimized handlebar feel and bike control.

Grips:   Body Geometry grips are ergonomically designed to confirm to hand anatomy and relieve pressure-related symptoms, such as pain and numbness, which often lead to fatigue and reduced comfort.

Body Geometry Gloves & Grips
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Shoes:  The built-in 1.5 millimeters of angled support in the forefoot of the shoe improves hip/knee/foot alignment for enhanced biomechanical efficiency and improved power output.

Footbeds:   Available in three levels of longitudinal arch support, footbeds improve power transfer and efficiency by preventing collapse of the foot in the down-stroke. A metatarsal button increases comfort and reduces numbness by lifting and separating the bones in the front of the foot, preventing nerve and artery pressure.

Body Geometry Shoes & Footbeds


Saddles come in multiple widths and contours to match your anatomy for optimized comfort and support. Our fit experts will help find the right saddle for you.

Ergonomically designed channels and cutouts ensure the rider is supported from their sit bones, thereby eliminating pressure on nerves, arteries, and soft tissue, which increases blood flow and comfort.

Body Geometry Saddles


Our certified Body Geometry Fit Specialists are dedicated to enhancing your riding experience. Specially trained at Specialized Bicycle Components University, we have passed rigorous exams and possess the proven skills and expertise to systematically tailor your bike position and equipment to your body.

Whether you're a roadie, mountain biker, multi-sport athlete or commuter, our Specialized Body Geometry Fit service is a complete and cutting-edge bicycle fitting system that will help you ride more efficiently, comfortably and injury-free. Make an appointment with our BG Fit technicians today! You can stop by the shop, drop us an email or give us a call at 317-813-7433. We'd love the opportunity to make your riding experience more enjoyable!